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How Much Should You Spend On Rent?

Can you afford to pay your rent? Here’s how to use a rent affordability calculator to find out.

6 Legal Documents Landlords Are Required To Provide Before Renting a Property

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What Exactly Is Landlord Insurance?

Landlord Insurance is similar to home insurance, with the exception that it is specifically designed to cover rental properties…

Cloop’d Advice: 5 Tips For Property Management

Cloop’d Advice will be a recurring segment where you’ll get tips, guides, and so on

5 Things To Look Out For When Renting a Property

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First Time Renting Out A Property? You Should Read This

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Benefits Of Using A Property Management App

Property management apps allow homeowners/landlords to list and manage properties

How Are You Today? Really…

Our mental health influences how we make decisions, deal with problems, and interact with others.

A Clooper Welcome

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Clooper Appoints Yetty Ogunnubi As Head, Tactical Marketing & PR

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Why Clooper Started From A Curious Dream In 2018

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